Myth 1 - The Polygraph is no good because it is not admissible in court, right?

Myth 2 - If you are nervous you will fail the polygraph test.

Myth 3 - I had a friend take a polygraph test and he failed it even though he was telling the truth.

Myth 4 - I thought the examination would only take about 10 minutes.



The Polygraph is one of the most effective tools for resolving

  • Business Losses at the hands of Employees
  • Clouds of suspicion in your Personal Relationships
  • Probation Violations made by Convicted Sex Offenders
  • Defense approaches in the Attorney/Client Relationship

The goal of Northeast Georgia Polygraph Services is to provide the client, whether an attorney, a private corporation, or an individual, a fair, credible, professionally-conducted polygraph examination including detailed and accurate reports-at an affordable cost.

Mr. Jennings has been a polygraph examiner for over 30 years. Additionally, he has been a member in good standing of the American Polygraph Association since he completed his polygraph examiner training. Mr. Jennings is an internationally recognized trainer of polygraph examiners, having served as a director of a nationally recognized polygraph school and instructor in other accredited polygraph programs. His extensive experience and knowledge of the polygraph profession provides the client with unquestionable credibility.

Mr. Jennings employs the Zone Comparison Test (ZCT), the Bi-Zone Test, and the Modified General Question Technique (MGQT) as the primary testing procedures for criminal specific examinations. These techniques have been researched and validated over the years, and are considered the staples of polygraph testing.

All questions asked during an examination are reviewed with the subject prior to testing. There are no surprise questions. No questions with regard to race, religion, sexual orientation and practices (unless it is the basis for the examination), union affiliations and activities, political opinions and affiliations, cultural values and preferences, or any other aspect of the personal life of a test-subject are ever asked by our examiners.

Types of testing conducted at Northeast Georgia Polygraph Services:

  • Relationship Problems - families - husband - wife - significant other
  • Sex Offender Polygraph Monitoring
  • Attorney-Client Issues
  • Business Loss due to employee theft or negligence

We offer confidential written reports that are provided to the client upon completion of the examination.

We accept VISA and MasterCard

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